We Honor Stanlay–Our Double Light Leader–for the Point of Compassion!


Friday’s Community Crew we honored our newest double Light Leader Stanlay for the Point of Compassion. Stanlay was first honored as a Light Leader Point for the Point of Critical Thinker. 

All Light Leaders were called to the center of our community circle and they joined hands.  Last week’s Light Leader Nevaeh passed the torch to Stanlay and she was shirted with a special Double Light Leader t-shirt. The t-shirt Stanley wears features two star, symbolizing the two Points of Polaris she has achieved. This Leadership shirt is not a trophy, it is a symbol of the values we live and the high expectations we hold for ourselves.

Stanlay’s Crewmates and teachers nominated her and read testimonials.

Ms. Iehl said, “She always showed Compassion by thinking about the Crew.  Always making decisions that were best for the Crew.  She put Crew before self”

Ms Hall said, “All her words and actions were positive and kind.  It was a privilege to teach her because I learned so much from her.  She is really a model for me.”

Crewmate Kuriya remarked: “She always puts her Crewmates before herself, she finds solutions to problems with her Crewmates.  She always finds ways to uplift a person when they are down.”

We are so proud of you Stanlay! Thank you for being a leader and example of Compassion & Critical Thinker.

We can’t wait to see how you grow and what Point of Polaris you will achieve next.