5/6 crews partner with Shedd Aquarium


This past October, to join them on amphibian-focused Great Lakes Action Days (GLADs).  We are restoring healthy habitat and increasing biodiversity around amphibian breeding ponds. Invasive species such as European buckthorn crowd out most other plant species, leaving nothing but bare ground underneath. GLAD volunteers remove buckthorn and other invasive plants, and then we spread the seeds of nearly 100 native plant species on the ground to increase biodiversity.

These wildflowers, grasses and sedges will in turn attract hundreds of caterpillars, leafhoppers, grasshoppers, snails, ants and many other invertebrates that are the foundation of the food web, not to mention herbivores such as mice, voles and deer. Our work is restoring a rich tapestry of biodiversity to support amphibians and all of the life that makes up our healthy, resilient woodlands and prairies.