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Save Our Bees!

In the fall of 2012, Polaris 1st and 2nd graders explored the question “Are bees friends or foes?” Through their own research, they learned about the physiology of the honeybee, the role of each type of honeybee within the hive and the crucial impact of a bee’s role in the pollination process. The students determined that bees are truly our friends, a critical part of the ecosystem, yet are at serious risk due to pesticides. Students were compelled to make a difference, to share their learning beyond the walls of Polaris. Polaris 1st and 2nd grade students created a documentary about the importance of bees, using humor, music, and puppetry to engage other students and to compel them to spread the word! The documentary, “Don’t Bee Crazy, Save Our Bees!”, was a collaboration of student learning within science and Polaris EXPLORE programming, including music, drama and visual arts (puppetry). The documentary is now used in the education programming at Garfield Park Conservatory, a strong partner of Polaris Charter Academy. Enjoy watching their work!


Save Us Baby Music Video


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Save Our Bees!