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Polaris Board Meeting Minutes 1.10.12

Polaris Charter Academy

Board Meeting Minutes

January 10th, 2012

Board Topic: Chasing Freedom Event

Conference Call

Board Members:  Darren Snyder (Chair), Mick Domagala, Uday Khedkar, Melanie Madigan (via conference), Marion Rice, Michelle Navarre, Keecia Broy, Travis Swoope

School Leaders: Michelle Navarre (Head of School), Carol Clavadetscher, Roel Vivit

Teachers in Attendance: No teachers were in attendance

Due to poor weather conditions, the board meeting was shifted to a conference call. The call began at 6:35pm and the meeting was called to order by Darren Snyder.

Darren shared with the board that the focus of the meeting would be the February 29th Chasing Freedom fundraising event. He then turned the meeting over to Carol to provide an update.

Carol shared that 4 sponsors had been secured for the event: Discover, Feldco, Prairie Capital, and Wintrust, for a total of $17,500. The board members were very excited about the strength of the sponsor support, given this is the first major fundraiser for Polaris.

Carol walked the board through the event timeline, as well as the project timeline leading up to February 29th, stressing the importance of each board member bringing 20 individuals to the event. The goal is to have a total of 200 guests at the event. Carol communicated that the e-mail communication would go out no later than January 20th. The mailed invitations would be mailed by February 1st. She reminded board members who had not provided address lists to do so as soon as possible.

Darren stressed to the board that the event was their #1 priority as it relates to Polaris.

Darren asked all committee members to provide any important updates. Uday provided a brief financial update, sharing that through December, Polaris was approximately $50,000 unfavorable to budget, due to timing of fundraising, driven by a shift in funding from foundations to corporate sponsors of the Chasing Freedom event. The balance of year forecast is currently flat to budget.

Mick provided a brief governance update, communicating that a breakfast was being scheduled for potential board member Susan Onsai.

No updates were given from Academic Excellence or Security committees.

Uday moved to end the call at 7:25pm. Mick seconded his motion. The meeting ended at 7:25pm.


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Polaris Board Meeting Minutes 1.10.12