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Where Learning Has No Boundaries

Polaris Charter Academy

Where Learning Has No Boundaries

Polaris Charter Academy

Where Learning Has No Boundaries

Polaris Charter Academy

Polaris Board Meeting Agenda 08.28.12

Polaris Charter Academy

Board Meeting Agenda

August 28, 2012

Board Topic: Back to School 

Meeting – 6:00   Dinner will be available at 5:30pm

Dial In Number –  (610) 214 0000

Access Code          316557#

Board Members:  Darren Snyder (Chair), Sarah Walker, Greg Borkowski, Mick Domagala, Uday Khedkar, Marion Meers-Rice, Travis Swoope, Michelle Navarre, Keecia Broy, Susan Kajiwara-ansai, Dr. Kameron Matthews, Helen Wolfe

School Leaders: Michelle Navarre (Head of School), Carol Clavadetscher, Roel Vivit

Teachers in Attendance:


6:00     Approval of Minutes & Agenda, ensure conference call attendees are on                                                      

            Public Forum                        

  • Introductions

Announcements & Stakeholder Engagement      

  • CPS, Families, Teachers, Donors, INCS, Community, EL
  • 2012 Board Accomplishments
    • Renewal
    • Chasing Freedom
    • New Members (Keecia, Kammie, Susan, Helen)                               

6:45     State of the School                                       Roel, Michelle

  • Introduction of Preliminary Dashboard for feedback & comment

7:00     Committee Reports                                                                       

  • Committee Appointments

Finance                                   Uday, Joel, Carol

  • Review of 2012 FY, Budget as approves, audit timing

Development                          Marion, Keecia, Carol

  • Development Hire
  • Grants, Spring Event

Governance                            Sarah, Mick

  • Graft Charter Update
  • New Board Member Pipeline and Status

Academic Excellence             Susan, Penny, Michelle, Paul, Diane

  • Dashboard

7:30     Board Goals and Priorities


  • Partnering with the board, school leadership, teachers, and community to ensure Polaris is prepared for charter renewal in 2011-2012
  • Engagement, bringing Polaris into the Board Room.  Understand our academic goals and how we are accomplishing them.
  • Expansion, recruiting talented and impassioned board members
  • Development, positioning the school to expand into the full vision for Polaris and position the school for long term success
  • Elevate our effectiveness and professionalism, prepared, strategic, engaging
  • Ensure proper school structure, professional development, assessment, and succession plan

Elicit Feedback for this year

  • Articulate a Board Vision for 2013 and 2017

8:00     Upcoming Schedule Review


SCHEDULE – Board Retreat

Tuesday, August 28th

Tuesday, October 30th   (29th Annual Meeting)

Tuesday, December 4th

Tuesday, January 29th

Tuesday, February 26th

Tuesday, April 29th

Tuesday, May 29th

Tuesday, June 25th (Conference Call)

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Polaris Board Meeting Agenda 08.28.12