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Incremental programming

In addition to a rigorous academic curriculum, Polaris provides extracurricular programming to students to build upon the concept of teaching the whole child. All students participate in one hour of Explore programming each day. Explore provides students the opportunity to engage in a structured, extracurricular activity such as drama, technology, music, or art.

Afterschool programming is available to students from 4pm to 6pm each day, providing students with a safe environment to complete homework assignments, receive tutoring from local volunteers, as well as take advantage of our indoor gymnasium.

During Intersession, students have the opportunity to participate in 2-week sessions of in-depth programming led by community experts and professionals from various fields. Polaris has partnered with local programs such as Tumbling for Success and CircEsteem, as well as individuals who teach African drumming and pottery. Intersession programs are conducted at the school, for a small fee (waived for students unable to pay), providing a convenient, affordable opportunity for Polaris students to gain exposure to new activities during trimester breaks.

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Incremental programming