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Charter Schools

Charter schools are public schools and receive public money, but they have been freed from some of the rules and regulations that apply to other public schools.  In exchange for this greater freedom, charter schools are held accountable for producing certain results, which are set forth in the school’s charter.

As a charter school Polaris Charter Academy is able to:

–      have a longer school day and school year then the traditional Chicago Public Schools

–      tailor our Expeditionary Learning curriculum to best meet the needs of our students

–      embark on field work when it supports and enhances the learning within the classroom

–      cut overhead costs so that more money goes directly toward student learning

Charter schools in Chicago are open to any child who lives within the city limits.  If more students wish to attend the school then the school has room to accommodate, a lottery process is held to determine admission.

Go to For Parents to learn how to apply to Polaris Charter Academy!

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