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The Points of Polaris


The five POINTS OF POLARIS represent our core values and are essential to Polaris’ commitment to educating the whole child. The Points are an integral part of our learning community and school culture. These values–INTEGRITY, COMPASSION, EXPLORER, CRITICAL THINKER, ACTIVE CITIZEN–build character and are guiding principles that shape our students as they progress from kindergarten through 8th grade at Polaris and beyond into high school, college, and career.

Representing the Points of Polaris is a daily practice of our students and staff. Those who embody one or more of the Points and demonstrate growth and great leadership in character are nominated by their peers and teachers to be LIGHT LEADERS. Being recognized as a Light Leader in Community Circle, a school-wide assembly, is the highest honor one can achieve.

During the LIGHT LEADER CEREMONY, students and staff provide evidence and proclaim to the entire community why they believe a person has earned the honor of becoming Light Leader. The Light Leader is “shirted,” each star adorning their t-shirt shows how many Points they have achieved. As they parade through Community Crew holding the ceremonial torch, the Light Leader receives cheers, high fives and hugs from proud students, staff, and parents. They ascend the stage as Light Leader and address the entire school with the call out “Polaris!” All shout back: “Rise Up, Rise up!”

Each grade level has different requirements one must fulfill to achieve a Point of Polaris. Click here to learn more. Polaris Points by Grade Level

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The Points of Polaris