Congratulations Donald! Our Last Light Leader of the Year


“Who amongst us is prepared to honor the last Light Leader of the school year?” asked Head of School Ms. Navarre. Students and teachers came forward to provide testimonials and examples of how 8th grader Donald Robinson has successfully achieved the Point of Active Citizen. Donald makes his Crew a better place with his words and actions. He takes care of his classroom, and stands up for what is right. Being a Light Leader is the highest honor we can bestow upon a member of our community. It is not given, it is earned.

Teacher Molly Brady praised Donald for being the first person to help others. “I am honored to nominate Donald, he truly deserves this honor. He is one of the people that other students turn to for help and guidance. He is always helping people.”

Fellow 8th grader Zack said: “He is a good friend of mine. If something needs to be done in the classroom, Donald is the first to do it.” Micah, another 8th grader in Donald’s Crew, described him as “one of those people who stands up for others and will always help you.”

Ms. Cardona, who was Donald’s teacher three years ago, proudly exclaimed: “I love this student and am so proud of all he has accomplished. He is a model Active Citizen.”

Ms. Navarre. “It is important for our community to have models of excellence for the points and values we live by and we strive to uphold. We are proud to honor Donald as the last Light Leader of the school year! He makes our community better.”

“It’s a great accomplishment for him. I love that he likes to do the right thing and stand up for others. Polaris has taught him a lot of integrity and to do the right thing, even when no one is looking,” Donald’s Mom proudly proclaimed.

Donald’s Grandma remarked: “I’m very excited for him because he has empathy for others and always tries to help others before he helps himself.”

Active Citizen is Donald’s first Point of Polaris. He earns it one week before he graduates. “It was surprising, I never thought I would be a Light Leader,” said Donald. “One thing I always try to do is make sure I leave a place better than I find it.” We are so proud of you, Donald! Bring the Points of Polaris with you on your high school journey at Ogden International School of Chicago.