Our Newest Light Leader Zamir Got to the Point of Compassion


Getting to the Point of Compassion

“It’s the best thing ever!” said Zamir, as he described what it felt like to be honored as a Light Leader.

Today we gathered in Community Crew to honor Zamir, our last Light Leader of Trimester 2. Zamir is a sixth grader who has demonstrated great growth in leadership and in living and expressing our school-wide goal of building productive relationships through our mindset, words, and actions.

Ms. Iehl’s Crew 306 presented evidence and testimonials for why Zamir should be honored as a light leader for the Point of Compassion. His fellow students shared: “He always considers other’s feelings before even thinking about himself. He always finds ways to cheer up others.” “Zamir helps people when they are sad and treats people with respect.” “He helps his Crew get better.”

Zamir’s teacher Ms. Iehl said: “I nominate Zamir because not only does he bring a smile to your face, he treats everybody the way they want to be treated. He does everything he can to make sure that people feel like they belong in our Crew. He thinks about how he can form a better relationship with each member of our Crew. He doesn’t just lead our Crew in Compassion, he leads the whole school in Compassion.”

Everyone in Community Crew chanted Zamir’s name as he was shirted with his first Light Leader shirt and received high fives from all the kids. “When I heard my name called I didn’t know what to think. I was so nervous,” said Zamir. “I hope many more people get to be Light Leaders.” Spoken like a true leader who always thinks of others before himself and just earned his first Point of Polaris for Compassion.

His Dad, Floyd said: “It meant a lot to me. I told Zamir’s mom: ‘don’t cry.’ And I ended up being the one that was crying. Once I heard all the kids saying his name, I couldn’t help it. The waterworks just came down. I’m so proud of him. We are on him about all his school work. We’re proud of him.”

Zamir’s Mom Rosalind proudly remarked: “Just hearing his name…. It didn’t get real until we got here. It makes me so proud of him. I love him so much. Polaris has helped him a lot. It helped him grow into who he is today. I see the difference in him every day.”

Dad: “Polaris helped him with structure and discipline, and it transcends into a trickling down effect with his little sister. What he learns he share with his litter sister Malaysia, who is in Kindergarten at Polaris.”

CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO ZAMIR’S PARENTS speak about the emotion and pride they feel seeing their son being honored as a Light Leader.

Congratulations Zamir. We are so proud of you. Thank you for using your humor and kindness in a productive way to be a leader in Compassion.