Celebrating Community on Crew Cares Day


On February 14th we celebrated our 12th annual Crew Cares Day at Polaris. This is a day we celebrate and appreciate Crew–our students, teachers and staff, families–our entire Polaris community.

We began the day with Polaris family members shaking hands and giving a warm welcome to every student as they enter school. This makes every child feel special.

Students can dress out of uniform for Crew Cares Day. Many kids dressed in Valentine colors of reds, pinks, and purples, and wore headbands with hearts, heart-shaped glasses, and other fun accessories that show off their Valentine spirit.

Buddy Crews (older students who are buddies with younger children) gathered to make Valentines and crafts, play games and music, read stories, and other fun activities.

In the tradition of Crew Cares Day, the Polaris Polar Bear visited every classroom for hugs, high fives, maybe a little dance, and occasionally a full on tackle from overly exuberant children.     

What is Crew? Crew is a culture. Crew is a spirit and a way of being. Crew is when we come together and create a close-knit community of students, teachers and staff, families and neighbors–our entire Polaris family.

What does it mean to be Crew? To be Crew means to support and look out for each other and to step up and help each other succeed.

Not only on Crew Cares Day, but every day: Be Crew and Share the Points of Polaris!