We Honor Nevaeh–Our Newest Light Leader–for the Point of Compassion!


Today in Community Crew we honored our newest Light Leader Nevaeh for the Point of Compassion.

Last week’s Light Leader Naomi passed the torch to Nevaeh and she was shirted with a special Light Leader t-shirt. The t-shirt Naveah wears features one star, symbolizing the first Point of Polaris she achieved. This Leadership shirt is not a trophy, it is a symbol of the values we live and the high expectations we hold for ourselves.

Nevaeh’s Crewmates and teacher nominated her and read testimonials.

Nevaeh’s Crewmate Tiali said: “She is always kind, always polite. When someone asks her to do something she always does it. She reminds our Crew to treat others the way they would want to be treated.”

Crewmate Lily remarked: “She is one of the kindest people I have ever met. She plays with people who don’t have anyone to play with. She gives hugs when kids are sad, but always asks if they want one first.”

Nevaeh’s teacher Ms. Ryan observed: “Nevaeh has consistently been showing the Point of Compassion since kindergarten, and likely before then too. She is keenly in tune with the feelings of others. She offers kind gestures without prompting. She always cheers when a Crewmate is successful, gets chosen for turn and gives compliments to everyone. Nevaeh welcomes others and is a shining example of how kindness can make the world a better place, because it makes crew 109 a better place every day.”

Nevaeh’s Mom: “I’m very proud of her because she is very Compassionate and caring. She doesn’t like to see anyone left behind. She loves being with everyone.”

Nevaeh shared: “It’s so exciting to be honored as a Light Leader. It’s a big honor. The Point of Compassion means you are kind to everyone, your family and friends.”

We are so proud of you Nevaeh! Thank you for being a leader and example of Compassion. We can’t wait to see how you grow and what Point of Polaris you will achieve next.