Active Citizen Light Leader Lena — Helping Others and Her Community


Today in Community Crew we honored Lena, an eighth grader who achieved her first Point of Polaris for being an Active Citizen. Lena transferred to Polaris this year and already is emerging as a leader in our community.

What does it mean to be an Active Citizen? An Active Citizen volunteers in school and other community programs. They actively engage in service opportunities and demonstrate commitment to improving themselves, their community and the world. Active Citizens ensure that a place is left better than they found it. They advocate for the needs of others as an upstander.

In her behavior and positive mindset, Lena embodies all these qualities and more. Her fellow students and teachers shared their testimonials about why Lena is an Active Citizen Light Leader.

LaNia shared: “She is committed to improving the community and dedicated to others. She helps others in class, and helps those who are struggling with their work.”

Bianca remarked: “Not only does she volunteer at Polaris, she also volunteers at another school.”

Jaylen stated: “She always leaves a place better then she found it. She obviously cares for our school environment and always makes the world a better place.”

Art Teacher Cristie Bosch shared: “I am super excited and honored to speak about her. She is always the first to volunteer for any job or project, even if it means missing recess or staying after school. She is the first to steer her class mates in the right direction.” 

Lena’s Crew Teacher Mindy Thomas remarked: “We are so honored to have her in our Crew. She has taught us all what it means that be an Active Citizen.” 

When she learned her daughter was being celebrated with the highest honor at Polaris, Lena’s Mom proudly shared: “I’m not surprised that she’s being honored as a Light Leader. Lena’s a good kid. She loves helping people. She’s very creative, very respectful. and I’m so very proud of her.

Lena’s Dad shared: “She’s a well mannered kid. All the credit really goes to her Mom because her Mom is a beautiful person. Lena takes after her mother. I’m proud of her.”

This is Lena’s first year at Polaris, she came to us as an eighth grader. Her Mom said: “I’m so glad that I transferred Lena to Polaris. I should have done that a long time ago. I want to thank her teacher Ms. Thomas. She has been such a blessing helping Lena and encouraging her. I thank Ms. Thomas.”

And finally, Lena expressed what it feels like to achieve her first Point of Polaris and to be honored as a Light Leader: “It feels amazing because I am not an Active Citizen for the shirt. I do it from my heart because I like to help people out, I don’t like to see other people struggle. I didn’t know that people actually noticed all the stuff I did helping them.I just did it. It’s nice to know that people notice and that they care.”

Thank you for sharing your positive mindset with us. Congratulations Lena!