COMPASSION COMES FIRST: Honoring the First Light Leader of the School Year



Today we celebrate the first Light Leader of the school year as we honor Naomi (5th grade) for the Point of Compassion. Honoring a Light Leader is the most important ritual in our community. It is rare, it is hard to earn, and it is the highest honor we can bestow on a member of our community.

Naomi’s fellow students and teachers nominated her and offered testimonials.

Naomi’s fifth grade teacher Ms. Saesan proudly shared: “Naomi is a leader in our crew in this Point of Polaris. She notices good things about other people and consistently shouts them out in our crew. She stands up for others in a helpful way, and is quick to comfort friends in our community who need support. Naomi exemplifies someone who has internalized the Point of Compassion and lives it out on a daily basis. I believe this is due to her belief that “all people deserve to feel loved and be respected” (that’s a direct quote from Naomi!).” 

Mr. Golden, Naomi’s fourth grade teacher said: “She made sure everyone in her crew felt good.”

Her fellow students said: “She sticks up for others. She is kind and patient and puts others before herself.”

Ms. Princehorn shared: “She is constantly showing advanced empathy for others. She is incredibly thoughtful and makes our school a better place.”

Naomi’s Mom proudly proclaimed: “I’m so happy that she won this award. She actually cares about people besides  herself, and that makes me proud.”

With tears in his eyes, Naomi’s Dad shared: “This means so much to me because I work hard to instill in her to respect everybody, to love others, and to be careful and thoughtful of other people’s feelings and what they may be going through. Try to be a help and not a hurt to others.”

Head of School Ms. Navarre thoughtfully shared with Naomi: “This is about who you are and who you are growing and developing into becoming. Thank you for making our community a better stronger place, through your words and your actions and mindset. I can’t wait to see what point you will be honored fro next. 

Naomi: “I was super shocked to learn that I was a light leader AND the first Light Leader of the year. It is surprising and exciting.”