Frozen Father Friday! “It felt good to see my Dad at School.”


Thanks for Being Crew! Dad’s Make the Difference!

Thank you for Being Crew Mr. Narvaez Collins, proud Polaris papa of kindergartner Noah. We appreciate you! Below zero temperatures and driving more than 70 miles from DeKalb did not discourage Mr. Collins from coming to Polaris to lead our important ritual of welcoming students on this frozen Father Friday.

His son Noah had no idea Dad was coming and said: “It felt good to see my Dad at school. I was surprised. I didn’t know he was coming to school. It makes me happy to see him. I’m proud he was here and shaking everyone’s hand. I love him so much.”

Mr. Collins shared his experience of Father Friday: “My wife told me about it. And I saw pictures of Dads shaking hands with kids on the website, and I thought that was a pretty powerful moment. It is great to see that Polaris recognizes fathers being part of the school and a part of their children’s lives. I wanted to be a part of that and be there for my son.”

Mr. Collins shared how special his participation at Polaris was. “Visiting Noah in his classroom was a proud moment for me. My Dad wasn’t there when I started school, and I’m glad I could give my son that experience.” 

Polaris Director of Academics Melissa Authement donned her Hershey Kiss helmet for Crazy Hat Day and helped Mr. Collins greet students. Mr. Collins remarked: “I appreciate what the Polaris staff are doing, supporting the kids. I saw children getting hugs when they came in, and I saw that some kids needed longer hugs. It was nice to see the teachers were dedicated to supporting the kids in that way. You don’t see that all the time. I appreciate seeing how they take care of the children. I think its important to support the school. I think more parents should come out and do this. I hope a lot of mothers come and shake hands with children on Mother Monday.”

Calling all Moms: Please join us this Monday, January 28 for Mother Monday!