Fourth Grade Crews Celebration of Learning


A Bert & Ernie Joint

The Chicago River:

Come On In, The Water’s Fine

Would you swim in or drink a glass of water out of the Chicago River? Our fourth graders’ informational panels, opinion-editorial writings and presentations at their Celebration of Learning might make you think twice. On this semester-long Learning Expedition, students explored the history of the river, why the river’s flow was reversed, tested its current condition for safety, and learned from experts at the Friends of the Chicago River. Polaris parents and families gathered to learn from their children. Fourth grade teacher Addie Cochrane: “What surprised me was hearing the kids talk to their families and adults about such complex issues like combined sewer overflows, TARP (tunnel and reservoir project), and the Stickney water treatment plant. Our kids learned why the Chicago River matters not only to them but the world around them.”