Congratulations Jaylen, Daniel Murphy Scholarship Winner!


Congratulations to eighth grader Jaylen Feliciano who was just awarded the prestigious Daniel Murphy Scholarship. The Daniel Murphy Scholarship Fund provides financial assistance and educational support to high school students who demonstrate academic potential and strong character. We are so proud of Jaylen! Thank you to all the teachers and staff who have guided Jaylen along this journey.

On winning the Daniel Murphy Scholarship, Jaylen stated: “I feel like this gives me a lot of opportunity and choice in selecting the right high school for me. At first, I wasn’t looking at high schools that require tuition because of the cost. Now, that I have this scholarship from the DMS Fund it is a relief to know that my family won’t have to worry about cost, and I can actually go to a school that I want to go to and is best for me. My parents are very happy and proud of me. My mom is helping me look at schools. This scholarship gives us a bunch of new options. Being at Polaris pushed me academically to achieve more. Polaris opened me up and helped me identify my strengths and weaknesses and work to improve. The Points of Polaris helped me reflect on my character and grow as a person. I try to live the Points of Polaris. I’m not a Light Leader yet, but I am actively working toward it.”

Jaylen is an Active Citizen and often welcomes visitors to Polaris and leads school tours with his fellow classmates. He also has been known to come to Polaris during break to help teachers clean and set up their classrooms.

“I am so proud of Jaylen,” said Head of School Michelle Navarre. “He has grown in his leadership and serves as a role model for our community.”

High School Coordinator Kristine Brailey has been working with Jaylen on the high school application process since he was in the seventh grade. Ms. Brailey fondly describes Jaylen, “He gets excited about learning and loves exploring new things. That is a joy to see. Jalen is very kind and compassionate and helps his fellow students and teachers every day.”

Jaylen joins his fellow eighth grader Soley Gevorgiz, who received a Daniel Murphy Scholarship earlier this year, along with nine other Polaris students who have been awarded the prestigious Daniel Murphy Scholarship since 2014, when we began graduating eighth graders.

Polaris is proud to have eleven students who have been selected to receive the prestigious Daniel Murphy Scholarship since 2014, when we began graduating eighth graders.


Carl Donnell 2014

Marcus Watson 2015

Martin Watson 2015

Ezekiel Boose 2016

Chyna Cannon 2016

Nina Escobar 2016

Jesiah Escobar 2017

Mikekal McClarin 2017

Taylor McKinney 2017

Soley Gevorgiz 2018

Jaylen Feliciano 2018