Exhibition Night 2017


Polaris Charter Academy hosted  Exhibition Night on June 13th, 2017.  Parents, visitors and students celebrated the learning that took place during the year.

  • Kindergarten Crews: Students presented research on trees through informational writing and collage.  They also shared artwork that shares their opinions on why trees are important to communities.
  • 1st Grade Crews: Students hosted a bird exhibit – sharing drawings, sculptures, informational books & playing cards.
  • 2nd Grade Crews: Students presented and explained a visual display about a specific pollinator they researched.
  • 3rd Grade Crews: Students shared how they learned about the chicken life cycle through observations of hatching chickens, and will describe chickens adaptations for survival.
  • 4th Grade Crews: Students  shared original poems on the immigration experience.
  • 5th & 6th Grade Crews: Students presented original narratives and prints – portraying perspectives from the time of slavery.
  • 5th & 6th Grade Crews: Mars Colony in 3D.  Students displayed and described their 3D representations of Mars colonies.
  • 7th Grade Crews: Combating a Food Desert.  Students passed out bags of fresh fruit & vegetables to families & answered questions about the food chain.
  • 7th Grade Crews: Voices for Change Podcast.  Students demonstrated to visitors the podcasting process and premiered theirs on effecting change.