Senator Dick Durbin Visits Polaris

On Friday, October 14th, students welcomed US Senator Dick Durbin for his first visit to Polaris Charter Academy. Senator Durbin became interested in Polaris after reading Paul Tough’s article, “How Kids Learn Resilience” in the July issue of the Atlantic magazine where Polaris was highlighted as an example of a school helping students succeed despite challenges stemming from stress and trauma. Polaris 7th and 8th graders led Senator Durbin on a tour of the school where he learned about the Points of Polaris, Light Leaders, and Learning Expeditions. He joined an 8th grade Crew meeting and heard students share the ways they apply what they have learned at Polaris to their lives outside school. During a subsequent panel discussion, he pushed this conversation further to include how Polaris students are using what they learn to effect change in their community. We are grateful for the opportunity for Polaris students to engage and learn from Senators Durbin, a true Active Citizen.