Exhibition Night 2016

Polaris Charter Academy hosted their very first (but repeating annually) Exhibition Night.  Parents, visitors and students celebrated the learning that took place during the year.

  • Kindergarten Crew celebrated Butterflies and hosted a gallery walk of their posters, letters, and books.
  • 1st Grade Crew celebrated Biomes and presented dioramas and shared their books.
  • 2nd Grade Crew celebrated American Indians and presented diary entries written from the perspective of an Iroquois child.
  • 3rd Grade Crew celebrated Chickens where guests were walked through their process of researching and raising chickens.
  • 4th Grade Crew celebrated Immigration and presented research on the experience of immigrating through Ellis Island.
  • 5th and 6th Grade Crews performed a Poetry Slam and performed original poems in 2 voices.
  • 7th Grade Crew premiered their podcasts Voices for Change on violence and effecting change in the community.  7th Grade Crew also presented their architectural designs and budgets on Rooftop Designs.