The Class of 2016 Crosses the Stage!


June was full of excitement as Polaris celebrated the graduation of the Class of 2016!  Crews from Kindergarten through 7th grade lined Sawyer Avenue between Ohio and Franklin to cheer on the 8th graders as they walked to George Westinghouse College Prep for the ceremony.

To begin the ceremony, Polaris thanked parents for their role in their students’ achievement and honored the Light Leaders and Honor Roll students for their hard work. Then, EXPLORE teachers took the stage to award exceptional students with the Shining Star and Explore Awards in Music, Drama, Technology, and Art.  Coach Fields presented Awards in Athletic Achievement.  Graduating students Nia Smart and Martin Watson gave the commencement addresses.  Jere Watson, Founding Polaris Parent, gave the Keynote Speech to the Graduates.

Where are they headed to now?

100% of Polaris graduates were accepted into Schools of Choice, which are schools beyond a student’s natural neighborhood options. Polaris students researched, applied to, and selected these schools based on their academic rigor, school culture, and the learning process provided.

Students planned to attend 2 dozen schools across Chicago in the fall of 2016.  Schools include:

  • Jones College Prep
  • George Westinghouse College Prep
  • Rowe-Clark Math & Science Academy
  • North Lawndale College Prep
  • Rauner College Prep
  • Alcott College Prep
  • Christ the King Jesuit College Prep
  • Chicago Academy for the Arts
  • Urban Prep Academies
  • DRW College Prep
  • Young Women’s Leadership Charter High School
  • Chicago Bulls College Prep

Congratulations Class of 2016!

Polaris Charter Academy is grateful to have made this journey with you.  We wish you the best in high school, college, and beyond.