Caution: Cartographers At Work!

The 1st and 2nd graders are mapping out their road to success!

During this expedition students will begin by studying how to use a map, which will require them to learn the different features and characteristics of a map.  Students will then preview maps before visiting multiple locations on field work, where they will attempt to use the maps.  For the final product students will be making a map of a section of the Lincoln Park Zoo.  Through multiple drafts students will produce high quality maps that other kids can use when they visit Lincoln Park zoo. Students will focus on the process of reflecting on work, setting goals, and creating multiple drafts of a product. They will then bring older members of the school community to the zoo to use the map. Students will write about a favorite animal/habitat that they think other students would enjoy visiting.

Soon First Graders will become entrepreneurs and bee experts while the 2nd graders study the American Indians in Trimester 2 – check back to hear the buzz!

Update: The first graders just finished their bee expedition where they explored the body of a honeybee, the different roles within a honeybee’s colony,the pollination process, and how bees make honey.  At their celebration of learning on June 11th, First graders read aloud their page from our Diary of a Bee book and set up a gallery of their bee technical drawings and bee poems, just like the ones below.

Update:  2nd Grade students experienced their first ever overnight trip!  For many students, this is the first time outside the city and sleeping away from home.  These great explorers hiked the trails through the woods, make their own smores, and roasted their own hot dogs for dinner on this trip to Camp Tuckabatchee!

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