Real World Learning – Type 2 Diabetes

Eighth graders learn to make a diagnosis!

Like our Kindergartners focusing on health, the 8th graders dive in a little deeper, specifically to Type 2 Diabetes, for their final expedition.  They learned how body systems interact with each other through studying how the body is affected by complications which occur due to Type 2 Diabetes, a major health concern in America.  Students worked with experts from the West Humboldt Park Development Council (WHPDC) Healthy Me Initiative, Walgreens, the American Health Association, the American Diabetes Association, and Northwestern Medical Center and participated in field work at the Museum of Science and Industry’s Human Body iStan Simulation Lab.

During their fieldwork, students conducted lab tests to identify and diagnose the “patient” and learn about ways to stay healthy. Students also dissected a cow’s eye to understand how the eye sends signals to the brain and a sheep’s heart to understand the heart and how it moves blood and oxygen throughout the body, and students conducted experiments in the Homunculus Lab on nerves.

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