How Trees and People Grow

Kindergarteners are discovering the purpose of trees, the process of photosynthesis and the benefits that trees bring to all living things.

To hone their scientist skills, they will create scientific drawings of leaves from trees around the Garfield Park Conservatory – their favorite fieldwork site!  Our youngest ones will also learn about conserving the precious resources people use from trees and contribute to the global conservancy project by making recycled paper and building furniture out of reclaimed wood with a local carpenter. Check back for more pictures of their drawings and furniture designs!

After learning about how trees keep the earth healthy, their next expedition will become more personal – learning about what will make them grow healthy and strong.  They will explore hygiene, fitness, and nutrition by working with local fitness experts, doctors, dentists, nutritionists, and chefs to understand what it takes to plan a balanced meal, get enough exercise, and stop the spread of nasty germs!  They will share their knowledge by creating alphabet books about health for their families, school, and local doctor offices.  If you would like a copy, please contact us!

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