Rocking and Rolling – The ROCK cycle!

First and second graders at Polaris recently presented their final product, “Rocking and Rolling – The Rock Cycle”, a dramatic movement performance that taught about the rock cycle.

Each 1st and 2nd grade crew worked with the Ms. Verdin, the drama teacher, and interpreted and dramatized a portion of the rock cycle.  This final product drove learning throughout the Expedition, as students studied the different types of rock and learned how rocks are formed and how they change over time.  As students delved into an in-depth study of rocks, they quickly became fascinated with different types of rocks and people who collect them. They met with “Rock Hounds” and created and shared their own rock collections.


Students recently dove into Science of our Toys, an Expedition that aims to teach students physical science concepts by studying toys such as the seesaw, tops, balance birds, matchbox cars, and the gyroscope.  Students have been given a series of challenges where they use their new knowledge to help them design devices (such as a toy that balances on their finger or a top that spins quickly).  Students are working to answer the question, “What makes a good toy?”. After being introduced to and learning about a new toy, students participate in discussion circles.  Discussion circles build students communication and oral language skills, as they have the opportunity to share and defend their opinions of the quality of each toy.  For the final product, each child is creating a book that teaches other children about the science they can learn through toys and helps them convince their parents to invest in these novel, exciting toys!