Polaris Charter Academy

2021-2022 Staff

Staff Member Staff Position
Michelle Navarre Head of School See Michelle Navarre’s profile
See Michelle Navarre’s profile
Tammy Vance Director of Community Engagement See Tammy Vance’s profile
See Tammy Vance’s profile
Francesca Peck Director of Culture and Character See Francesca Peck’s profile
See Francesca Peck’s profile
John Lydon Director of Academics See John Lydon’s profile
See John Lydon’s profile
Robin Alexander Office Manager See Robin Alexander’s profile
See Robin Alexander’s profile
Towanya Sandifer Recruitment & Attendance Manager See Towanya Sandifer’s profile
See Towanya Sandifer’s profile
Erin Walker Kindergarten Teacher Crew 106 See Erin Walker’s profile
See Erin Walker’s profile
Alejandra Reyes Educational Assistant Crew 106 See Alejandra Reyes’s profile
See Alejandra Reyes’s profile
Kim Stewart Educational Assistant Crew 106 See Kim Stewart’s profile
See Kim Stewart’s profile
Anne Smith 1st Grade Teacher Crew 107 See Anne Smith’s profile
See Anne Smith’s profile
Willie Campbell Educational Assistant Crew 107 See Willie Campbell’s profile
See Willie Campbell’s profile
Beth Davoren 2nd Grade Teacher Crew 108 See Beth Davoren’s profile
See Beth Davoren’s profile
Adyria Moore Educational Assistant Crew 108 See Adyria Moore’s profile
See Adyria Moore’s profile
Katy Heavener 2nd Grade Teacher Crew 109 See Katy Heavener’s profile
See Katy Heavener’s profile
Latasha Bobo Educational Assistant Crew 109 See Latasha Bobo’s profile
See Latasha Bobo’s profile
Nora Ryan 3rd Teacher Crew 203 & Instructional Guide Grades K-2 See Nora Ryan’s profile
See Nora Ryan’s profile
Symone Barton Educational Assistant Crew 203 See Symone Barton’s profile
See Symone Barton’s profile
Shawontay Daniels Educational Assistant Crew 203 See Shawontay Daniels’s profile
See Shawontay Daniels’s profile
Zoë Walker 3rd Teacher Crew 303 See Zoë Walker’s profile
See Zoë Walker’s profile
Sherri Edwards Educational Assistant Crew 303 See Sherri Edwards’s profile
See Sherri Edwards’s profile
Skye Black 4th Grade Teacher Crew 202 See Skye Black’s profile
See Skye Black’s profile
Joseph Skipper Educational Assistant Crew 202 See Joseph Skipper’s profile
See Joseph Skipper’s profile
Sparkle Ball Reed 4th Grade Teacher Crew 304 See Sparkle Ball Reed’s profile
See Sparkle Ball Reed’s profile
Antwonita Vaughns Educational Assistant Crew 304 See Antwonita Vaughns’s profile
See Antwonita Vaughns’s profile
Tatyana Lampkin Educational Assistant Crew 306 See Tatyana Lampkin’s profile
See Tatyana Lampkin’s profile
Jason Oliver 5th/6th Science Teacher Crew 307 See Jason Oliver’s profile
See Jason Oliver’s profile
Dr. Dana King Educational Assistant Crew 307 See Dr. Dana King’s profile
See Dr. Dana King’s profile
Katie Saesan 5th/6th ELA Teacher Crew 308 See Katie Saesan’s profile
See Katie Saesan’s profile
D'Andra Phillips Educational Assistant Crew 308 See D'Andra Phillips’s profile
See D'Andra Phillips’s profile
Molly Brady 5th/6th Grade Social Studies Teacher Crew 309 See Molly Brady’s profile
See Molly Brady’s profile
Davevontay Johnson Educational Assistant Crew 309 See Davevontay Johnson’s profile
See Davevontay Johnson’s profile
LaShandra Roberts 7/8 Science Teacher Crew 204 See LaShandra Roberts’s profile
See LaShandra Roberts’s profile
Trinity Allen Educational Assistant Crew 204 See Trinity Allen’s profile
See Trinity Allen’s profile
Jamela James Educational Assistant Crew 207 See Jamela James’s profile
See Jamela James’s profile
Mindy Thomas 7th/8th Grade ELA Teacher Crew 208 See Mindy Thomas’s profile
See Mindy Thomas’s profile
Akerus Hughes Educational Assistant Crew 208 See Akerus Hughes’s profile
See Akerus Hughes’s profile
Danielle Arnold Educational Assistant Crew 209 See Danielle Arnold’s profile
See Danielle Arnold’s profile
Mandolyn Barrymore Music See Mandolyn Barrymore’s profile
See Mandolyn Barrymore’s profile
Martin Hodge Gym See Martin Hodge’s profile
See Martin Hodge’s profile
Cristie Bosch Art See Cristie Bosch’s profile
See Cristie Bosch’s profile
Carlos Ross Paraprofessional See Carlos Ross’s profile
See Carlos Ross’s profile
Regina Odeneal Paraprofessional See Regina Odeneal’s profile
See Regina Odeneal’s profile
Terrell Hollins Paraprofessional See Terrell Hollins’s profile
See Terrell Hollins’s profile
Jody Farrell Paraprofessional See Jody Farrell’s profile
See Jody Farrell’s profile
Rose Hill Substitute Educational Assistant See Rose Hill’s profile
See Rose Hill’s profile
Adrienne Howell Learning Specialist Crew 201 See Adrienne Howell’s profile
See Adrienne Howell’s profile
Elayne Smith Learning Specialist Crew 302 See Elayne Smith’s profile
See Elayne Smith’s profile
Sharon Brookes Learning Specialist Crew 302 See Sharon Brookes’s profile
See Sharon Brookes’s profile
Shannon VanLente Social Worker See Shannon VanLente’s profile
See Shannon VanLente’s profile
Meghan Princehorn Social Worker See Meghan Princehorn’s profile
See Meghan Princehorn’s profile
Gary Tolman Psychologist See Gary Tolman’s profile
See Gary Tolman’s profile
Deborah Rekosh Nurse See Deborah Rekosh’s profile
See Deborah Rekosh’s profile
Odochi Nwabara Occupational Therapist See Odochi Nwabara’s profile
See Odochi Nwabara’s profile
Elizabeth K Whiting Development Manager See Elizabeth K Whiting’s profile
See Elizabeth K Whiting’s profile
Courtney Asante Technology & Enrichment Coordinator See Courtney Asante’s profile
See Courtney Asante’s profile
Kristine Brailey High School Coordinator See Kristine Brailey’s profile
See Kristine Brailey’s profile
Jośe Cintron Building Engineer See Jośe Cintron’s profile
See Jośe Cintron’s profile
Irma Cortez Maintenance See Irma Cortez’s profile
See Irma Cortez’s profile
Maria Garza Maintenance See Maria Garza’s profile
See Maria Garza’s profile
Travis Brown Maintenance See Travis Brown’s profile
See Travis Brown’s profile
Rosa Jiménez Security See Rosa Jiménez’s profile
See Rosa Jiménez’s profile
Warren Duncan Security See Warren Duncan’s profile
See Warren Duncan’s profile
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