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2021-2022 Opening: Primary Special Education Teacher

Who are you?

You are someone who has…

  • A growth mindset and is hungry to move from good to great
  • Strong beliefs that ALL children are capable of achieving at high levels and feel responsible for ensuring that growth
  • A strong track record of developing relationships with students and families that yield positive academic and character growth
  • Innovative and research-based approach to literacy and mathematics instruction
  • Strong evidence of implementing engaging and effective lesson design and instructional practices
  • Proven ability to contribute to a high-performing team, along with strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • Demonstrated ability to collaborate effectively informally and formally with fellow team members and staff
  • A commitment and thirst for continuously improving teaching and school culture through rigorous coaching and professional development
  • Passion for Deeper Learning that aligns with the principles of EL Education (Learn more about EL Education at
  • Experience in a variety of modes to support diverse learners- pull out, push in, co-teaching
  • Experience in data collection, analysis, and creation of Individualized Educational Plans
  • Valid Illinois teaching license(s) with valid LBS1 licensure (current or in progress)

As part of the Polaris Crew, you will:

  • Maintain effective instructional practices, ensuring that all diverse learners have access to content and participate as determined through their IEPs, and use data to modify instruction, differentiated learning, and IEPs
  • Continue to grow and develop your practice by participating in rigorous coaching and professional development
  • Collaborate effectively with the special education team and general education teachers

Want to join the PCA Crew?

PCA seeks to recruit persons of diverse backgrounds and is inclusive of people regardless of their race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, marital status, age, physical abilities, political affiliation, religious beliefs or any other non-merit fact, so that all employees feel included, equally valued and supported.

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2021-2022 Opening: Primary Special Education Teacher