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  • Thursday, January 17, 3:15PM: First Grade Celebration of Learning

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Polaris Charter Academy

The Polaris Charter Academy Associate Board

Current Associate Board Members

  • Matt McKay (President)
  • Ian Roche (Vice President)
  • Alexandra Faler (Secretary)
  • Kim Curschman
  • Jacqueline Nyenke



Would YOU like to Make A Difference as an Associate Board Member? 

What is the PCA Associate Board?

The purpose of the Associate Board (AB) at Polaris is to support the school mission through engaging young professionals in social, volunteer, and fundraising activities.  The Board will have leadership opportunities including a President and Secretary plus Chair and Jr. Chair positions for each committee.

We are looking for those who are interested in strengthening their connection with the school, building their networks, and increasing their fundraising skills and volunteerism to take join the Polaris Associate Board.

Membership Candidates will have:

  • Interest in education and a desire to further Polaris’ mission
  • Demonstrated proactive leadership skills and strong communications skills
  • A willingness to actively participate in AB activities, event development, volunteerism and/or fundraising
  • A positive attitude and the mentality of a team player
  • Time to commit to Polaris and AB activities (Approx. 2-3 hours per month)

What to Expect as a Member

As a member of the AB, you will be supported by our Development Manager and, during our founding year, one of our Board Fellows.  Founding members will have the opportunity to help design the program, create events and activities and elect the founding officers.

All members should expect to:

  • Understand Polaris’ mission and vision and effectively promote the purpose, activities and events of PCA and the AB to their social networks
  • Make a personally significant monetary contribution to the school
  • Participate in at least one AB Committee of their choosing: Fundraising and Community Engagement
  • Attend at least two events during the year: 1 Polaris event and 1 AB-specific event
  • Commit to a one-year term on the Associate Board
  • Attend meetings regularly and maintain communications for projects they are accountable for between meetings

The Committees

The Fundraising Committee

The Fundraising Committee will focus on activities to identify prospective donors, cultivate relationships and solicit gifts for Polaris. This will be done through the creation of an Associate Board fundraiser once each year and bringing guests to visit the school.

The Community Engagement Committee

The Community Engagement Committee will participate in Polaris’ mission through direct volunteering at the school. Activities will be based on the organization’s needs at the time but may include after-school tutoring, reading with the students, assisting teachers in preparing project materials, and volunteering for activities.  This committee will also plan and manage two Associate Board awareness events each year to promote engagement at Polaris.

How to Apply

Please  fill out and email your application and current résumé to Associate Board President Matt McKay at mckaymm9@gmail.com 


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The Polaris Charter Academy Associate Board