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Giving Crew Day celebrates our very first day of school on September 4, 2007! Since opening our doors, Polaris has become a north star in education, where learning has no boundaries and students learn by impacting the world around them. Giving Crew Day is when we inspire generosity and invite you—our Polaris community, our Crew of friends and supporters—to come together to support our mission and the transformative work we do. To celebrate Giving Crew Day this year, we invite you to please consider making a gift to help send our 5th and 6th grade Crews (100 students) on fieldwork to Birmingham, AL. Our ambitious goal is to raise $20,000 for this life-changing fieldwork that explores the Civil Rights Movement.

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Fieldwork to Birmingham provides Polaris students with an essential and transformative learning experience. They are immersed in history and learn from experts at the 16th Street Baptist Church and Kelly Ingram Park. Polaris students experience history in a vivid and profound way as they learn from the men and women who lived it as Foot Soldiers of the 1963 Children’s March. Hearing personal accounts from the Foot Soldiers who, as children, fought injustice and changed American history teaches Polaris students an unforgettable lesson in civic responsibility, the pursuit of social justice and equality, and that one person—no matter their age—can make a difference.

The Emmy-Award winning PBS NewsHour documented Polaris students’ fieldwork to Birmingham in 2018 as part of their series Race Matters. Watch here:  POLARIS ON PBS

Your Gift Changes Lives

 $25 Bring history to life for 1 student as they learn from Foot Soldiers & visit the 16th Street Baptist Church, Civil Rights Institute, Civil Rights Activist Committee 

 $50 Hotel stay for 1 student

$150Bus transport for 1 student (4 days)

$250Send 1 student to Birmingham (all expenses)

$500 Send 2 students to Birmingham (all expenses)

$1000  Bring history to life for 100 students (our entire 5th & 6th grade Crews) as they learn from Foot Soldiers & visit the 16th Street Baptist Church, Civil Rights Institute, Civil Rights Activist Committee

Thank You for Supporting Fieldwork to Birmingham



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