Black History Month Celebration of Learning

The mission of Black (African American) History studies and celebrations at Polaris Charter Academy is to nurture and sustain self-esteem and group esteem by way of in-depth research of historical contributions of Black (African Americans) from antiquity to the present day. Students will apply critical thinking skills with a focus on active citizenship to bring to life the incredible stories of our heroes and sheroes.


The 8th graders in Crew 209 have been spotlighting, researching, and learning about Black Americans that most people have not heard of. Crew 209 used the facts that they learned about these Black Hidden Figures to make a “Guess Who” game. Click on this link to play!

Crew 308 studied the contributions of Black scientists, artists, athletes, and activists, and created a 4 Corner Trivia Game to showcase what they learned.   You can play along by clicking here!

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