Celebrate Giving Crew Day–September 4!


Celebrate Giving Crew Day with a Gift to Polaris to Support our Explore Art Program!

On September 4, 2007, Polaris Charter Academy opened its doors for the very first time. Our goal then, as it is now, is to provide high-quality education for children and to educate students to be effective learners and ethical people who contribute to a better world. For more than thirteen years, Polaris has become a north star in education, where students learn by impacting the world around them.

To mark the promise and hope of our very first day of school in 2007, we celebrate September 4th as Giving Crew Day! Giving Crew Day is an opportunity for our Polaris community to come together to support our students’ learning and the transformative work we do. To help us celebrate Giving Crew Day, we invite you to please consider making a gift to Polaris today, on September 4th, or throughout the month of September.

All Giving Crew Day contributions will go to support our Explore Art program. Our goal is to raise $8,000 or more, so we can provide every student with the basic art supplies they need to imagine, explore and express themselves through the creation of art. All Giving Crew Day contributions will be used to purchase essential art supplies—construction paper, markers, watercolor paint sets, scissors, glue sticks, etc.—so students can make beautiful art together. Your gift on Giving Crew Day will help make distance learning more joyful and feel not so distant for our students.

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Please consider making a gift to Polaris to support our Explore Art program. Polaris students, like so many young people around the country, have been dealing with isolation, stress and anxiety, and many have experienced trauma due to the pandemic, economic crisis, racial injustice and subsequent violence. During this time of continued social distancing, the Polaris Explore Art program will serve as a powerful, healing tool and way to develop the social and emotional skills they need to cope and manage stress. Students will create art as part of a curriculum designed to foster positive identity, belonging, agency, and purpose.

Your gift will impact Polaris students’ social and emotional development and learning throughout the school year. Art gives Polaris students a positive outlet and healthy way to explore and express emotions and manage stress. Art helps our students express their thoughts and emotions and feel better as they create art to explore their world, their struggles and triumphs. Making art together fosters a sense of belonging, promotes well-being and helps build community.

Thank you for believing in Polaris and our students and for supporting our Explore Art program on Giving Crew Day.


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WITH A CHECK made out to Polaris Charter Academy, please mail to:

Polaris Charter Academy

2733 N. Maplewood Avenue

Chicago, IL 60647

Attn: Development Manager

CHARGE TO CREDIT CARD VIA TELEPHONE please contact Development Manager Elizabeth Whiting at (773) 726-9588 or ewhiting@pcachicago.org

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Thank you for joining us in this work!

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