Giving Crew Day is September 4!


Celebrate the Very First Day of Polaris with a Gift on Giving Crew Day!

On September 4, 2007, Polaris Charter Academy opened its doors for the very first time. Our goal was to provide high-quality education for children and educate students to be effective learners and ethical people who contribute to a better world. For more than twelve years, Polaris has become a north star in education, where students learn by impacting the world around them. 

In honor and celebration of our very first day of school, we are establishing September 4th as Giving Crew Day! Giving Crew Day is an opportunity for our Polaris family and community to come together and contribute to our students’ learning and the transformative work they do. We invite you to please consider making a gift to Polaris on September 4th or throughout the month of September.

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For this inaugural year of Giving Crew Day, all contributions will go to support our 5th and 6th grade students’ fieldwork to Birmingham, Alabama. Our ambitious goal is to raise $25,000 for this life-changing learning expedition that explores the Civil Rights Movement and asks the guiding question: how can one effect change? Your tax-deductible gift to Polaris will impact the lives of 100 students and help support this nearly year-long learning expedition that culminates in fieldwork to Birmingham (transportation, food and accommodations, work with experts).

Please consider making a gift to support this work as our students take their learning beyond their Chicago classroom to Birmingham. Polaris students will experience history from the people who lived it as they learn from Foot Soldiers of the 1963 Children’s March and immerse themselves in history with experts at the 16th Street Baptist Church, Kelly Ingram Park, and more. This fieldwork impacts students in a profound and lasting way that will change them forever and help shape their identity and the adults they will become.

This fieldwork to Birmingham provides Polaris students with an essential learning experience. One of the most powerful lessons of this work is that students think critically and compassionately about the life they want to live, the future they want to create for themselves, and how they will impact the world around them. Meeting Foot Soldiers of the Children’s March and hearing their personal accounts of how they peacefully protested to end segregation teaches Polaris students an unforgettable lesson in civic responsibility and the pursuit of social justice and equality: one personno matter their agecan make a difference.

The Emmy-Award winning PBS NewsHour documented our students’ fieldwork in 2018 as part of their series Race Matters. Watch the power of this work in the national news report here: POLARIS ON PBS.

Your support of this fieldwork helps us fulfill our mission to educate students to be compassionate, ethical people with a strong sense of civic responsibility. The biggest contribution we can make as a community are our children whose identities we help shape. We have an ambitious goal, and we can achieve it with your help. In celebration of Giving Crew Day and our focus on contributing to a better world, chip in a little or a lot. One person can make a difference; together as Crew, we are unstoppable!

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Ways You Can Give

ONLINE VIA PAYPAL Click Here to Donate to Giving Crew Day

CHECK made out to Polaris Charter Academy, please mail to: Polaris Charter Academy, 620 N. Sawyer, Chicago, IL 60624, Attn: Development Manager.

CREDIT CARD VIA TELEPHONE please contact Development Manager Elizabeth Whiting at (773) 948-8809 or

Thank you for Being Crew and joining us in this work! Thank you for considering a gift to Polaris on September 4th Giving Crew dayor throughout the month of September. Thank you for believing in our school and for bringing the mission and vision of Polaris to life.

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