Girls Track & Field Meet Results 5/3/19


Congratulations to our Girls Track & Field Team for competing in their first meet on Friday, May 5th!

Polaris won medals in all events!

  • Polaris Relay Team A won the Gold medal in the 4×1 and 4×2 races. Team A members are Jaliyah Johnson, Bria Lambert, Mariah Jordan, and Shamyra Hamilton.
  • Polaris Relay Team B won the Bronze medal in the 4×1 race. Team B members are Shanice Tate, Dariana Washington, Aerise Dawson, and Alica Scott.
  • Jaliyah Johnson also won the Silver medal in the 100m dash.
  • Melysiah Van Ellis won the Bronze medal in the 800m dash.
  • Shanice Tate won the Bronze medal in the 400m dash.
  • Ciara DeMary won the Bronze medal in the 200m dash.
Well done, ladies! Girls Track & Field have their next meet Saturday, May 11th @ 9 am, Hanson Park Elementary School (5411 W. Fullerton).