Better World Day


Polaris has charged our students with effecting change in their community during Our Day in May.  Taylor McKinney, a Polaris alumnus, presented the idea that EL Education should make this into a national event, which formed what is now Better World Day.  Today, hundreds of schools across the country engage in impacting their community to show how students can get smart to do good. 

Today, Polaris students celebrated Better World Day by being Active Citizens with a beautification project on our campus.  Students cleaned and mulched the common ‘green spaces.’  They collected trash and took out any plastic waste that will later be analyzed during Science Class.  Students also cleared out the raised plants beds on campus, which will be used by the Kindergarten and 2nd grade Crews, and also planted prairie plants in two of the beds.   

Thank you to everyone for making the the world a better place by being Active Citizen!!!

How is your community celebrating #BetterWorldDay? #WeAreCrew