Ms. Iehl on Why Polaris


Polaris makes me a better person. Everyday I have something new to learn and grapple with and that is valued here at Polaris!   After 11 years, I am still exploring new ways to plan curriculum that is relevant, rigorous and responsive to my students. Working here means that we’re all learning something new and we support each other in the work. I’ve learned that being right isn’t what’s important, but being open to ask questions and learn new ways. At Polaris we teach students how to reflect on mistakes, set goals, and have a mindset that allows for growth… and that’s what is expected of us as teachers. Not to be the best, but to be open to trying to get better. Through teaching this way my character has developed alongside my students. There is no better teaching experience than learning side by side with your students.

Mona Iehl, 5th and 6th grade Social Studies Teacher