Roel Vivit, Director of Academics

Mr. Roel Vivit, Director of Academics at Polaris Charter Academy, develops, articulates, and oversees the school’s curriculum, supervises and assesses the implementation of the instructional program, and facilitates collaboration among teachers. Prior to founding Polaris Charter Academy with his colleagues Ms. Kwock and Ms. Navarre, Mr. Vivit taught fourth and seventh grades for nine years in the Chicago Catholic Schools, serving at Children of Peace School as part of the Inner-City Teaching Corps (1998–2001) and at Francis Xavier Warde School (2001–2008). He was the Director of Academics for the Holy Family SchoolScholarship Fund (2002–2007) and was the Middle School Academic Coordinator for Northwestern University’s Center for Talent Development (1999–2001). Currently a teacher consultant with theChicago Area Writing Project (CAWP), Mr. Vivit presents reading and writing workshops (since 2003) for teachers at Chicago Public and Catholic Schools, and he coordinates teacher inquiry groups that examine student work to help guide instruction and promote teacher reflection and collaboration. He received the Heart of the School “Rising Star” award (2001) given to emerging school leaders by the Archdiocese of Chicago, as well as the prestigious Golden Apple Award for Excellence in Teaching (2005). He earned both his Bachelor of Arts in English and his Master of Science in Elementary Education from Northwestern University. Mr. Vivit enjoys rollerblading and hiking, and he is exploring the world of dance by taking hip-hop and Bhangra dance classes.